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“Web Design Magicians Trained in AI (Artificial Intelligence) Have the Secrets for Both Magic Effects and Marketing”

1. The Confluence of Magic and Technology

AI in NYC sees modern magicians as much more than just being stage or closeup performers. They have evolved into versatile artists, merging traditional magic techniques with the latest technological advancements. The digital age demands an online presence, and magicians recognize the power of a captivating web experience. Through AI-infused web design, magicians now have a platform where fans can experience the wonder of magic from anywhere in the world.

2. AI-Driven User Experience: The Digital Illusion

A website isn’t just a static page—it’s an experience. AI is Magic? By integrating AI into their web design, magicians can offer personalized, interactive experiences for each visitor. Imagine a site where users can witness virtual tricks tailored to their preferences or even interact with AI-driven magical assistants. Such immersion keeps fans engaged and coming back for more.

3. The Magic of Data Analysis: Tailored Marketing

Beyond web design, AI offers robust tools for marketing. In a sense it relates to the idea that you can “Become a Mentalist” in a real way. By analyzing website user data, magicians can gain insights into their audience’s behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. This valuable information allows for marketing campaigns that resonate with the target audience, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.

4. Virtual Magic Schools: Learn from the Masters

Magicians with AI-driven websites have the unique opportunity to offer virtual magic lessons. Through interactive tutorials and AI-assisted feedback, aspiring magicians can learn and hone their craft. Such platforms not only diversify a magician’s income stream but also help cultivate the next generation of magic enthusiasts. There are some who even believe that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can become in modern times, what Houdini was to magic during his years as a magician, escape artist and all around magic innovator.

5. Seamless Ticket Booking and Event Management

One of the primary functions of a magician’s website is to facilitate ticket sales for live shows. And whether you Invent Mentalism or are a Magic Performer, AI can optimize this process, recommending shows based on user preferences, managing bookings, and even predicting sales trends. Such an efficient system ensures maximum attendance and enhances the overall fan experience.

6. Ethical Implications: Keeping the Mystery Alive

While AI-driven magic platforms offer numerous benefits, they also spark ethical debates with other Magic Neighbors. Will the use of AI in magic dilute the mystique associated with the craft? The challenge for magicians will be to integrate AI without compromising the essence and wonder of their art form.

7. AI’s Competitive Edge: Leading the Digital Transformation

Magicians and mentalists who are MagicPreneurs and embrace AI-driven web design as well as marketing are poised to lead the industry. By offering unique, personalized digital experiences, these professionals will likely stand out in a saturated market. Their forward-thinking approach positions them at the forefront of the magic community’s digital transformation.

8. The Potential Downside: Losing the Personal Touch

While AI offers enhanced customization and efficiency, there’s a risk of over-automation. If every aspect of a magician’s online presence is driven by algorithms, it might lose its personal touch. Balancing AI’s capabilities with genuine human connection will be essential for sustained success. And being genuine is a top priority with Manhattan Magicians in NYC.

9. Collaborative Opportunities: Magicians and Tech Experts

The integration of AI in magic offers collaborative opportunities. Magicians can team up with tech experts to craft state-of-the-art digital platforms. Such collaborations can lead to innovations that redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in magic and technology, and when combined with help from a Marketer Magician it can seem as though anything is possible.

10. The Future: A Harmonious Blend of Magic and Machine

As technology continues to evolve, so will the world of magic. Magicians who embrace AI for both effects and marketing are likely to spearhead this evolution. By harmonizing age-old magic techniques with cutting-edge AI advancements, these magicians will craft experiences that captivate audiences in both the physical and virtual realms. This can help USA Magicians, as well as conjurers across the globe, to achieve “real” magic.

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“Web Design Magician: Tailoring AI Marketing to Baby Boomers”

In the digital marketing sphere, we often refer to skilled web designers as “Web Design Magicians” for their ability to transform complex concepts into accessible and engaging online experiences. The real magic, however, lies not only in the design but also in how the design caters to different audience segments. With the rise of AI tools, becoming a ‘Web Design Magician’ is within everyone’s reach, especially when tailoring content for a diverse audience like the Baby Boomers.

Segmentation is a crucial step towards creating magic online. Post data analysis, ‘Web Design Magicians’ segment the Baby Boomer audience into subgroups. These subgroups can be based on various factors such as online behavior, interests, or geographical locations. Segmentation allows for a more personalized approach, which is crucial in creating magical and engaging web experiences.

As a ‘Web Design Magician’, your goal is to create a web experience that caters specifically to these segments. Each segment of your Baby Boomer audience has unique needs and preferences. By recognizing these differences, you can customize your web design and content to meet each subgroup’s expectations, ensuring your website truly resonates with all visitors.

This is where AI tools come in. Tools like Articoolo or are instrumental in generating tailored content for each of these segments. They use AI algorithms to understand the nuances of each segment and generate blog posts, articles, or social media updates that resonate with each subgroup. As a ‘Web Design Magician’, these tools are your wands, creating personalized content as per your command.

Articoolo, for example, uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) to create unique articles that mirror human writing. The ‘Web Design Magician’ simply inputs the desired topic, length, and tone, and the AI conjures up an article that perfectly fits the specified segment. It’s like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, except the rabbit is a well-crafted article.

Similarly, uses AI to assist with all types of content creation, from social media updates to product descriptions. This tool enables ‘Web Design Magicians’ to maintain a consistent tone and style across all content forms, ensuring a uniform brand image across all audience segments.

Using AI for content creation isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about providing a personalized experience. As a ‘Web Design Magician’, your goal is to make each visitor feel seen and understood. By leveraging AI tools to create tailored content, you are ensuring that each segment of your Baby Boomer audience receives content that reflects their unique needs and interests.

However, the magic doesn’t stop at content creation. The true test of a ‘Web Design Magician’ is how effectively they can weave this content into an engaging and user-friendly web design. This combination of personalized content and intuitive design is what truly captivates your audience.

In conclusion, as a ‘Web Design Magician’, your role is to create an online experience that is not just visually appealing, but is also personalized to your audience. By segmenting your Baby Boomer audience and leveraging AI for content creation, you can create a website that truly resonates with your audience.

So, pick up your magician’s hat, wave your AI wand, and watch as you transform your website into an engaging, personalized experience for all. It’s time to let the magic of ‘Web Design Magician’ meet the power of AI in marketing.

Design the Future

Unleashing the Magic of AI Marketing: Empowering You, the Web Design Magician in the Modern Age

Welcome to Web Design Magician, where we strive to empower you with captivating stories and insights in the ever-evolving world of web design, with a particular focus on AI Marketing. As the topic of AI Marketing gains momentum, it has become a subject of exploration on numerous websites within the esteemed Blog Coalition—a community of 75 diverse sites encompassing AI, Causes, Community, Creativity, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Magic. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some exciting examples of AI Marketing that can promote and enhance these areas of interest.

Personalized User Experiences:

AI Marketing allows web designers to create personalized user experiences by leveraging data analytics and machine learning algorithms. From dynamic content recommendations to tailored messaging, AI enables websites to engage visitors on a deeper level, offering customized experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Enhanced Targeting and Segmentation:

AI-powered tools provide precise targeting and segmentation capabilities, allowing businesses to reach the right audience at the right time. Web Design Magician showcases how AI Marketing can help identify customer preferences, behaviors, and demographics, enabling web designers to create campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

AI-Driven Content Creation:

AI algorithms are increasingly being utilized to generate content across various formats. Web Design Magician highlights how AI-generated content, such as blog articles, product descriptions, and social media posts, can save time and effort for web designers, freeing them to focus on other aspects of their work while maintaining quality and consistency.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

AI Marketing offers powerful tools for optimizing conversion rates. By analyzing user behavior and data patterns, AI algorithms can identify potential bottlenecks in the conversion process and suggest improvements. Web Design Magician explores how AI can be harnessed to create seamless user journeys, increase engagement, and maximize conversions.

Chatbots for Customer Support:

AI-powered chatbots have transformed customer support, providing instant assistance and personalized responses. Web Design Magician showcases how implementing chatbots can enhance user experiences, provide 24/7 support, and improve customer satisfaction by addressing queries and resolving issues promptly.

Social Media Management and Analytics:

AI Marketing enables web designers to streamline their social media management efforts. AI-powered tools can schedule posts, analyze engagement metrics, and suggest optimal posting times. Web Design Magician demonstrates how AI can help optimize social media strategies and drive meaningful engagement with the target audience.

Predictive Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions:

AI algorithms excel at analyzing vast amounts of data and providing predictive insights. Web Design Magician explores how web designers can leverage predictive analytics to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and stay ahead of the competition. This empowers web designers to optimize their strategies based on valuable insights.

Voice Search Optimization:

With the rise of voice assistants, voice search optimization has become crucial for web designers. Web Design Magician highlights how AI Marketing can assist in optimizing websites for voice-based queries, ensuring that businesses remain visible and accessible in the age of voice search.

AI-Powered Visual Design:

AI technologies, such as computer vision and image recognition, can transform the visual design landscape. Web Design Magician showcases how AI can enhance image search capabilities, optimize image selection, and automate image tagging, facilitating seamless integration of visuals into web design projects.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

AI Marketing is an ever-evolving field, and web designers need to stay updated on the latest advancements. Web Design Magician emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to harness the full potential of AI in marketing. With the Blog Coalition’s diverse websites, web designers can access a wealth of knowledge and insights to stay at the cutting edge of AI Marketing.

Design the Future

A Storybook Story Featuring the Blog Coalition with Links to 10 of its 60 or So Websites

The Blog Coalition has approximately 60 websites, each of which is updated around every 6 weeks or so. Below is a brief and “Magic” Tale that has sprinkled throughout it 10 links, each of which is connected to a corresponding Blog Coalition site.

The idea behind B.C. blogs is that they have material of interest to various groups of people. Let’s say for example that you were looking for a METHOD HOW to become a mentalist, not as a vocation but just to be able to read people’s minds at parties.

Is there a METHOD HOW to become a mentalist? All we know for certain is that you are not going to get magical powers by watching all of the Harry Potter movies one after another. Though entertaining, it did not exactly provide you with the result you desired.

Maybe Houdini could teach you? You knew that he died on Halloween night in 1926, which is why every year on October 31st magicians hold seances to try to channel Houdini’s spirit. But when you read up on him, what you find out is not good.

Turns out that Harry Houdini, although world famous for being an escape artist and magician, never billed himself as having the powers of mysticism. Quite the opposite. He spent the last years of his life exposing false psychics. He want to believe in real magic but he was able to do the same things with tricks, that these “psychics” did, but they claimed when they did such feats, it was due to their uncanny and magical ability to get in touch with all that is cosmic.

So, then you think to yourself that you will invent mentalism. You could read a book or find a mentor, but you know you are creative and do not think you need help of any kind to create your own mentalism effects. And then you can perform what you invented…No. That’s not it either.

Back to the drawing board to become one who seemingly possesses ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). You live in New York and at your nearby library you saw a performance by the Magic Neighbors troupe in which they made someone float. You think that floating through the air is like floating in water. That theory turns out to be all wet.

You own your own business, so you are an entrepreneur. You think to yourself that you should be able to get magic powers and then become a MagicPreneur. Oops. That did not work either.

Then you recall you had a client who called himself Manhattan Magician. Surely, he could help you, right? Wrong. He is a member of a magic society and took an oath not to reveal secrets.

So as a last resort you went to see Marketer Magician who, in regards to your need to be able to do effects, says that the best METHOD HOW to do that is to go to METHOD HOW.

And so, you did and were given a strategy to achieve what you have a hankering for. Hence, you go online to METHOD HOW and before you know it you are given a strategy to learn the METHOD HOW to do some psychic effects to impress at parties. You realize you should have just contacted METHOD HOW from the start.

And now you can go to parties not just with something on your mind, but the ability to read them!

U.S. Ageism

Metaphorically Speaking, Even Those Who are “Magicians” at What they Do in their Industry, Do Get Old Like All of Us, so Why Ageism

People in the web industry work very, very hard. It is not easy to become a “magician” at what you do, which is especially the case when you go the design direction. But when you become a top contender in this area, then what? Get a job with an agency? Start your own business? The problem is that there is no hard and fast pathway, and when searching for it anyway, you get hit hard. Maybe for reasons you had learned about, but did not take seriously during your recent education?

Age. You discover there is a lot of competition out there. Especially of those who are younger than you are. You realize that, you, as someone who has been around for a while, you are considered extinct because of advancing in numerals. The numbers that represent how old you are, are used to designate how long you have lived on this earth and sometimes against you. U.S. Ageism is alive and well. It can make you start to question your ability. You realize you are officially an “Old Fogie” sometimes the targeted by the young, thinking it, but not saying it, in the context of things like job interviews, if you even manage to get one.

It is almost as if you are seeking that stamp of approval from from Millennials, or Gen Y. But then things get even worse. It does not stop there. This members of demographic are not the only ones who are gatekeepers who practice U.S. Ageism. The people holding up the green light “U-Turn” sign even includes older members of Gen Z. You realize that not only will you never get a position from them, but you can kiss goodbye even think they’ll call you in for an interview. What would you do if this happened to you and you were a “magician,” magic at what you do?


Your website is a tool…

Web Design Magician

The name of this site is “Web Design Magician,” and one might think that all we deal with here is the magic of web design. At times admittedly we do, but we are often much more likely to move toward creating material that focuses on instead, selling points that can be utilized to convert someone from being a browser of your site online, then turns into a customer, or at least someone who signs up for your newsletter.

You Can Buy Time with Emails

This brings up a good point with is that you do not have to nail a sale right away. In fact, much of the time you do not. It is said by many in the marketing world that the newsletter subscription is a way that you can get someone who is on the fence, to at least commit to reading your emails weekly.

The Strategy

The strategy thinking behind this is that over a period, they see enough in the benefits and features of your products, as well as trust you more and therefore jump into the deep and makes a purchase. It does happen on occasion.

The Difference Between “Start to Get” and “Fully Get”

The point being made is that all good things take time. Anyway, when it comes to online sales for which you do not have to purchase expensive ads that do not necessarily work anyway.

Third Parties

Start to get and put into motion your own profitable online business marketing and selling eBooks you write yourself which means your books are not available anywhere else except for your sales platform and any third parties with whom you might or might not partner with.

Reaching the Point of Being Active in Your Business

Before diving in, it is important to understand the difference between “Start to Get” versus “Fully Get.” Start to get means get things rolling so you can finally start your new business or work through and find out if there is hope for your current one. Whereas “Fully Get” your business means your business is active.

Jump Right In

Or to put it another way, think of “Start to Get” is a low-risk way to evaluate your business before sinking in any kind of investment or business type action. Whereas “Fully Get” is when you finished the experimental phase and believe it is a solid idea, so you jump right in to “Fully Get.”

Why Write Your Own Stuff When It Would be Easier and Less Hassle to Sell Someone Else’s?

Look, there is no question that it is easier to sell someone else’s online books because writing books that teach and are educational on a topic, is going to accept much of your time. Whereas if you decide to sell someone else’s work, you do not have to hassle through the creating process.

Is Reality Actually Reality?

That said, if you are someone who wants to build both yourself and your business together as a brand, being the author of what you sell, gives reason for promoting your brand. People are fascinated by the creative process as the reality show genre has shown.

The Approach

And when you write your own products, a part of how you can market your brand, is by leveraging for promotional purposes, the behind-the-scenes of your own process. Thereby revealing the behind the scenes of your creative process. This approach has been helpful with a past businesses.

Controversy in the Clubhouse

“Pick a Card, Any Card,” Describes How Web Design Magician is Feeling, as if it Does not Matter what Card You Select for Your Conjuring Marketing

Web Design Magician Feels Like He is Just Another Card to be Chosen from the Deck

Web Design Magician Wonders if What MagicPrenrur Stated was Really Necessary

It was clear that Web Design Magician was unhappy, even hurt, about the recent post on the MagicPreneur website regarding their opinion that magicians don’t need the help of a “web design magician” to create and maintain their websites because they can create them themselves, using a website builder app.

Web Design Magician had this response:

“I am proud of my abilities as a professional website design magician, something that has taken years for me to achieve. And although I agree that there are a lot of website builder apps out there that are decent, as well as conjurers who use them and seem to get a fairly good result, I still believe, despite what MagicPrenrur said on Friday, was uncalled for.”

“To Show His Commitment to the Magic Community He Created the Following Publicity and Promotion Tips and Hopes You and Other Magic Entertainers Enjoy Them!”

Publicity is often sought by others. People write not only entire books, but even a series of them for topics like publicity online. Because of online marketing, the rules have changed. It is those with the popular digital assets that win when it comes to the internet.

Mission – First, Last and In-between

There is something that nonprofits know that for-profits could learn from, and that is

“It’s all about the mission.”

Mission, Vision and You

Mission and Vision statements are the guiding principles when it comes to those whose ongoing activities spur from what they can do that is in accordance with the through line that they have designated in their overview concepts.

Web Design Magician is Making Not Just a website, but a Guidance Plan

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to ignite their marketing efforts, there are endless opportunities to be had to be in the public’s eye with your entertainment business.

Put Together a Campaign

Doing a “Marketing Campaign” is something that is talked about frequently without some performers really understanding what it is. A campaign in a broad strokes’ definition is that it is a collection of a bunch of ideas and their respective strategies that relate back to a central concept and goal that is usually income based.

You are Technology

Can you design your future in the form of a website?

The reason we joined others to create an educational product.

Whether you are a business owner or are thinking of starting a business or even maybe are a freelancer, chances are that if you have a website in some ways your site starts to feel like it is a reflection of you. Maybe you start getting anxious or even angry that it is not producing the results you want no matter how hard you try to make it better. We have partnered with others to write a “plan” to empower you to become a “plan user” and have a doable step by step approach to leveraging what is working about your website and make it better.

An excerpt and preview of this work-in-progress project.

We got permission to give you a tidbit from our evolving learning tool. The big picture of the undertaking is that it provides steps you can take to harness niche marketing. And from this point on, in this post will be some of the content we have participated in to develop:


If you are a plan user here is how to start working on a plan to achieve one of your business marketing goals.

Are you a plan user?

Do you consider yourself to be a plan user? Do you use plans to achieve goals?

WHO are you trying to reach?

The reality is that niche marketing comes down to three different questions you must answer. These three questions are “Who are you trying to reach?” followed by “How will you reach them?” and finally “What do you want them to do?”

Let us start with “Who are you trying to reach?” This is where the concept of a niche audience comes into play. What is a niche audience? For our purposes it is defined as:

A group of people with specific characteristics that motivate them to purchase something.

HOW will you reach them?

This is an important question and one that in the marketing industry is often answered with the suggestion to buy expensive search engine and social media ads.

It comes as a shock to some, that search and social platforms exist primarily to get your data and then use it for the ad buyers who are trying to reach you, and others in your niche audience to purchase their stuff. That is correct, you are a member of a niche audience being sought after based on your age, posts, habits, and other characteristics that in the eyes of advertisers make you a potential customer.

WHAT do you want them to do?

Okay, since we are using you as our guinea pig case study, let us imagine that you have a hobby that requires a lot of expensive components to keep going forward with. Search and social platforms have access to your buying habits therefore serve ads to you hoping that you will now purchase their advertiser’s product.

Put together your answers to the three questions “Who, What, How?” for your eventual strategic plan.

At this point you could make the expensive gamble of running ads for your products and/or services, or you can continue putting together, as a plan user, your strategic plan by filling in the blanks of the statement:

Who I am trying reach is _______ and how I will reach them online is _______ and what I want them to do is to buy my products and/or services which are _______?

Do not worry, you are not expected at this point to fill in the blanks the most effective way to get you sales.

More precisely define your niche audience with a series of descriptions.

People want to feel taken care of and to be seen for who they really are and therefore respond to forms of marketing of products and services that seem to have been created just for them and others like them.


Strategy to Provide Possible Hope for Surviving as a Magician

Now a Ghost Town

It is no secret that one of the hardest hit industries in this challenging age of the Pandemic , is that of entertainment, and especially live performance that requires in-person audience members. I experienced firsthand evidence of the loss of live theater when recently having to go to a doctor’s appointment near Times Square NYC. It was eerie walking past empty Broadway theaters that once were a part of a flourishing draw for New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world. Now these buildings had their once brightly shining banners and signage turned off. It was like walking through a ghost town with no one in sight.

Magicians of All kinds Face Hard Times

One of the hardest hit aspects of entertainment types is that of magicians. There is a large variety of kinds of conjurers all with their own unique challenges now that having a live and in person audience is virtually nonexistent these days. A sector of the workforce are magician entertainers ranging in subcategories such as sleight of hand artists, illusionists, mentalists and more.

The Loss of In-Person Venues

This is a profoundly serious problem. People’s livelihoods are at stake. The problem consists of the fact that due to the limitation of having to rely on technology to interact with an audience (brought about because of COVID-19 and its variants) performers have a lot to sort out. Conjurers are trying to uncover a means of making magic something that will still get bookings from those who make spending decisions. Even magicians who are not household names used to be able to make a living performing in theaters, ships, homes (birthday party magic for kids), large gatherings (restaurants, weddings etc.) and many other “in person” venues.

In-Person Audiences Lost, So What Now?

Unfortunately, the Pandemic made all the performance opportunities mentioned (and many more) present facing the frightening reality that all the ways that magicians used to make money doing had now vanished (pardon the magic pun). How were magicians going to be able to survive in an art form that required live audiences?

Learning from Houdini’s Mistakes

The question surfaces of whether or not communicating with audiences through apps like Zoom and Google Meet can be a viable source of income for magicians? It reminds one of how Harry Houdini, in the early 1900′ tried to do daring escapes in films, which at the time was a new medium. By all accounts he failed in the movies some think, because spectators watching him on the silver screen doing daring escapes did not have the same impact as when they saw him live. The general consensus among historians is that the reason watching Houdini do stunts on the big screen was not successful is that audiences probably thought that escapes done in films could have utilized camera trick.

If Houdini Could Not Do it How Will I?

If the world’s most famous magician of all time could not succeed doing his escape magic via the then remote medium of cinema, then how now today were average magicians going to be able to get paid through delivering performances via the present remote medium of digital streaming and video chat? How now can magic performers overcome the obstacle in the minds of viewers that technology makes possible the use of special effects?

A Message to Magicians

Regardless of whether you are a sleight of hand artist, an illusionist, a mentalist or more, you are obstructed by the exceptionally large blockade which is needing to find out how to have credibility given that the perception is that performers can fake what they do in ways that are not possible when performances are live and in-person. This hurdle needs to be jumped over if magicians can ever hope to these days get hired by decision makers.

A Profoundly Serious Problem

So, you now have a profoundly serious problem. What is the solution to being able to delight and astonish those watching you on a digital screen in a manner that takes away the possibility of the perception of relying on camera tricks? We believe that we possibly have come up with a cure to the video performance blues. The strategy we are thinking of involves integrating a special strategy that can help you rethink your act in a manner that provides you with more credibility and a better chance of getting hired if you market it well.

What is the Secret?

What is this secret to eliminating the possible perception of the viewer that you are not employing camera tricks? How can you convert your act into something that is sought after by bookers because it includes exciting interaction? Is there a one size fits all way to make more money with your craft even today whether you are a sleight of hand artist, illusionist, mentalist or more?

Pulling Away the Curtain

To succeed as a magician today involving the use of on camera interaction makes it imperative that you instill the confidence and belief in your audience that they are watching something that could have been faked digitally. This can be achieved by making the viewers the most important part of what you do. You need to encourage their input by making them the primary decision makers during your act. There is a single phrase that we believe sums up how you can achieve this. That phrase is “Give your audience the power of choice throughout your performance.”

It Can Make a Big Difference

This giving of the power of choice can work as a strategy for sleight of hand artists, illusionists, mentalists and more. In other words, those who are remotely watching your show appear to be in charge of steering the boat that is your act. For example, a sleight of hand artist can do things like riffling through a deck of cards until a viewer says to stop. This is perceived by those watching that one card has been chosen at random from the deck. Or an illusionist can do things like giving the spectators the choice of which large box the vanished assistant should magically be made to pop out of. And mentalism is ready made to be done online because a mentalist can do things like ask the audience to pick something, followed by revealing that a prediction made in advance matches their choice.

Putting in the Work Now, Can Make it Easier to Get Hired

Putting in the hard work to reinvent your magic show as one that involves free choices made by the viewers, can enhance the thrill of the experience that they have when watching you. Giving your digital audience the power of being the decision makers is more likely to result in them feeling that they are observing true magic which in turn increases the likelihood that you will get more paying gigs to be delivered through the web.


Yianni Stamas Speaks About One of the World’s Greatest Magicians

Magician Heroes

Here at we recognize magic heroes such as magicians who are blind. The reason today January 4th is especially important in this regard is because this date has has officially become known as World Braille Day. The day was named after the inventor in the 1800s of Braille named Louis Braille. January 4th is Louis Braille’s birthday.

Magic is Blessed

Magic is blessed with fine magical talents who are legally blind such as the amazing magician Richard Turner who is a “Card Mechanic,” a term used by magicians which means you are a master of sleight of hand with cards.

Turner as been praised by some of the legends of magic, such as Dai Vernon who is quoted as saying:

“Having seen countless numbers of card experts execute for over eighty years, I consider Richard Turner to be by far the most skillful. He performs the most difficult moves with the greatest ease. I doubt if anyone can equal him.”