Get Online Workers

Serving Their Needs

Over the years we’ve worked with and helped a wide variety of kinds of clients including Educators, Hairdressers, Musicians, Nonprofits, Performing Artists, Small Businesses who are just starting up as well as Experienced Small Business Owners. Do you fit in this jigsaw puzzle? What they all had in common was the need for customers, clients and fans.

What’s Your Industry?

And yes, there was a little tweaking needed based on what industry we were assisting our customers with. That is one of the things that we are grateful for in terms of our methodology: with a minimal amount of adjustments it can work for just about any kind of business or individual.

You know Your Business Best

Another thing our customers all have in common is that in one way or another we use the services of online workers to create the work itself that is delivered to our clients. Are we going to reveal our method? Yes, to a certain extent we will. But in the end, the procedure you use needs to be yours because it must fit you well and only you know your needs in terms of working.

Ultimately You Must Create Your Own Blueprint

That said, we have information on how you can best construct your own personal blueprint for working. Of course, if you need additional help for creating your sales and marketing plan, we are always here to help as consultants. Though, this is an incredibly information packed book so you will be more than able to use it to develop your approach.

Focus on the Things that Matter

If you’re reading this look at managing digital workers chances are you’ve heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” That is what this eBook is all about. Lessening the work on your back so you can focus on the things that matter. Another thing that is important to look at is the specific tax ramifications of getting online workers. Better to solve this problem now than further down the line.

Learn to Delegate in the Online World

Right off the bat I think it should be said that we are focused on delegation and management in the world of the web and that many of the techniques listed here will not work live in your office. Though, some of the principles here will also work in the office. If you are reading this, you are likely someone who is seeking out help with working with online workers.

No Time for Fear

The funny thing is that although there are many benefits to using delegation, most owners, entrepreneurs and even artisticpreneurs are slow to reap the benefits. Small organizations face the process of delegation with fear and the last thing they want to do is to set up a system. We believe this is a mistake. In fact, this moment is hopefully the one you change your mind and decide to pursue the creation of your own personal system to delegate effectively and ultimately increase your bottom line. More of this to come but first things first, the question inevitably arises which is “Where are some of the places that you can get online workers?” Please let us know of this interest and we will publish our resource for this. If we get enough responses we will show this list.