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Can you design your future in the form of a website?

The reason we joined others to create an educational product.

Whether you are a business owner or are thinking of starting a business or even maybe are a freelancer, chances are that if you have a website in some ways your site starts to feel like it is a reflection of you. Maybe you start getting anxious or even angry that it is not producing the results you want no matter how hard you try to make it better. We have partnered with others to write a “plan” to empower you to become a “plan user” and have a doable step by step approach to leveraging what is working about your website and make it better.

An excerpt and preview of this work-in-progress project.

We got permission to give you a tidbit from our evolving learning tool. The big picture of the undertaking is that it provides steps you can take to harness niche marketing. And from this point on, in this post will be some of the content we have participated in to develop:


If you are a plan user here is how to start working on a plan to achieve one of your business marketing goals.

Are you a plan user?

Do you consider yourself to be a plan user? Do you use plans to achieve goals?

WHO are you trying to reach?

The reality is that niche marketing comes down to three different questions you must answer. These three questions are “Who are you trying to reach?” followed by “How will you reach them?” and finally “What do you want them to do?”

Let us start with “Who are you trying to reach?” This is where the concept of a niche audience comes into play. What is a niche audience? For our purposes it is defined as:

A group of people with specific characteristics that motivate them to purchase something.

HOW will you reach them?

This is an important question and one that in the marketing industry is often answered with the suggestion to buy expensive search engine and social media ads.

It comes as a shock to some, that search and social platforms exist primarily to get your data and then use it for the ad buyers who are trying to reach you, and others in your niche audience to purchase their stuff. That is correct, you are a member of a niche audience being sought after based on your age, posts, habits, and other characteristics that in the eyes of advertisers make you a potential customer.

WHAT do you want them to do?

Okay, since we are using you as our guinea pig case study, let us imagine that you have a hobby that requires a lot of expensive components to keep going forward with. Search and social platforms have access to your buying habits therefore serve ads to you hoping that you will now purchase their advertiser’s product.

Put together your answers to the three questions “Who, What, How?” for your eventual strategic plan.

At this point you could make the expensive gamble of running ads for your products and/or services, or you can continue putting together, as a plan user, your strategic plan by filling in the blanks of the statement:

Who I am trying reach is _______ and how I will reach them online is _______ and what I want them to do is to buy my products and/or services which are _______?

Do not worry, you are not expected at this point to fill in the blanks the most effective way to get you sales.

More precisely define your niche audience with a series of descriptions.

People want to feel taken care of and to be seen for who they really are and therefore respond to forms of marketing of products and services that seem to have been created just for them and others like them.