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A Storybook Story Featuring the Blog Coalition with Links to 10 of its 60 or So Websites

The Blog Coalition has approximately 60 websites, each of which is updated around every 6 weeks or so. Below is a brief and “Magic” Tale that has sprinkled throughout it 10 links, each of which is connected to a corresponding Blog Coalition site.

The idea behind B.C. blogs is that they have material of interest to various groups of people. Let’s say for example that you were looking for a METHOD HOW to become a mentalist, not as a vocation but just to be able to read people’s minds at parties.

Is there a METHOD HOW to become a mentalist? All we know for certain is that you are not going to get magical powers by watching all of the Harry Potter movies one after another. Though entertaining, it did not exactly provide you with the result you desired.

Maybe Houdini could teach you? You knew that he died on Halloween night in 1926, which is why every year on October 31st magicians hold seances to try to channel Houdini’s spirit. But when you read up on him, what you find out is not good.

Turns out that Harry Houdini, although world famous for being an escape artist and magician, never billed himself as having the powers of mysticism. Quite the opposite. He spent the last years of his life exposing false psychics. He want to believe in real magic but he was able to do the same things with tricks, that these “psychics” did, but they claimed when they did such feats, it was due to their uncanny and magical ability to get in touch with all that is cosmic.

So, then you think to yourself that you will invent mentalism. You could read a book or find a mentor, but you know you are creative and do not think you need help of any kind to create your own mentalism effects. And then you can perform what you invented…No. That’s not it either.

Back to the drawing board to become one who seemingly possesses ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). You live in New York and at your nearby library you saw a performance by the Magic Neighbors troupe in which they made someone float. You think that floating through the air is like floating in water. That theory turns out to be all wet.

You own your own business, so you are an entrepreneur. You think to yourself that you should be able to get magic powers and then become a MagicPreneur. Oops. That did not work either.

Then you recall you had a client who called himself Manhattan Magician. Surely, he could help you, right? Wrong. He is a member of a magic society and took an oath not to reveal secrets.

So as a last resort you went to see Marketer Magician who, in regards to your need to be able to do effects, says that the best METHOD HOW to do that is to go to METHOD HOW.

And so, you did and were given a strategy to achieve what you have a hankering for. Hence, you go online to METHOD HOW and before you know it you are given a strategy to learn the METHOD HOW to do some psychic effects to impress at parties. You realize you should have just contacted METHOD HOW from the start.

And now you can go to parties not just with something on your mind, but the ability to read them!