Get New Customers

Web Design Magician at WebDesignMagician.com helps organizations, entrepreneurs and artists of all kinds just like you to get new customers. We are different from other full service or DIY (Do It Yourself) website designers. This is due to the fact that we have a hybrid model that is both DIY and full service at the same time. Unlike other DIY programs we do the web design for you as well as customize your DIY Digi tools. You have the option to use the tools on your own or to have us implement them for you in the form of full service monthly campaign building.

Being “Mobile Centered” Means Reaching More Customers

Web Design Magician is headed up by an actual mentalist-entertainer who brings his expertise of the mind to the marketing we do for you. This results in WDM’s specialty which is to create for you a mobile phone ready website. Having a site that can be viewed on mobile devices is important these days. Why? Because according to a recent Zenith study more than 80% of all internet activities are done via smartphones! Therefore, it is recommended that you request a link to our gallery of 10 websites we created, This is so you can then view them on your phone to get the full effect.

Five Choices to Build Your Bottom Line

Plus, the tools that Web Design Magician makes for you have the option of either a Do It Yourself approach or you can have us implement the tools on your behalf. This is in the form of monthly marketing campaigns. These campaigns leverage your email list (we install email newsletter capabilities on your website) both to get you new customers as well as to keep the ones you already have. Also, the DIY Digi Tools come in the form of your choice of 4 packages or the 5th option which is selecting your tools ala carte, meaning you can choose just the tools you need!

More Profitable Information is Available

Two informational PDFs are offered. The first one is on the available packages while the other one is for ala carte tools. These PDFs show that we give you more choices than do other DIY or full-service web designers. Therefore, Web Design Magician is your best results-oriented and all-inclusive online marketing solution! But don’t just take our word for it. Ask to see the websites of 10 online organizations for whom we made both their websites and their DIY Digi tools. Additionally, read what they have to say about working with us ,in terms of web design and marketing. Join the newsletter below to contact us.

If You Want to Make More Money Get Free Information Now

If you want to get information instantly with details about Web Design Magician, then we recommend you sign up at this very moment for the free newsletter that we have with our partner USA, Create therefore it is called the USAcreate.com Newsletter. And that’s not the only free thing you get. When you sign up for the newsletter you are also launched on a free 10 day email course about effective online marketing as well as are able to download a free eBook checklist that will help you determine the areas you are currently not using to get new customers. Act quickly by clicking here to be taken to the USAcreate.com Email Newsletter or you may lose out!