Modern Magicians

Magicians and Media

Being a Web Design Magician

Today’s web creator needs to be a “Web Design Magician” which includes being much more than just being a person who can develop pretty designs, but she or he needs to also be able to navigate the worlds of special effects and video such as that found at Video Film Web.


Web Design Magicians also need to understand marketing and how to reach a specific market for the client. Today’s web designer also needs to be able to create responsive designs which means that they are viewable on mobile phones. This also proves to be useful when it comes to eLearning such as the PDF eBooks from USA eLearning. They provide valuable eBooks that can take Web Design Magicians to the next level.


Often web designers bridge that gap between being both technical and creative. They should also have a strong understanding of entrepreneurship and its use.

Magic Performance

We are currently working on an interesting project for a magic performance of all things. Its work in progress title is “Entrepreneurial Magic” and it details the process of both starting a business and then promoting it. All this is done while performing conjuring.

The Modern Day Prestidigitator

Prestidigitators these days need to be able to wear even more hats. being a writer (creating patter), director (directing self), creative (inventing magic tricks), actor (playing the role of magician) and marketer (promoting self).

Magicians and Media

But now the magicians of today need to be even more encompassing in their skills. They need to be able to literally become web design magicians also. This means getting a mastery over media components. This is not only helpful for promoting one’s self, but in the case of magicians, it gives them more of a vantage point to create modern effects that integrate the latest in technology. This also means the ability to publish more eBooks on the topic.


Of course once the legerdemain artist reaches a certain status, she or he can hire people in the various aspects that they prior had, had to do themselves. This is the kind of work that VideoFilmWeb used to do before closing their media creation department.

Popular Magicians

Popular magicians of today include David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Penn & Teller, David Blaine and Derren Brown.