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Introducing Web Design Magician

Get Results

Introducing Web Design Magician, possibly best known as a writer for the Stamas Bros. And instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, Web Design Magician pulls out digital solutions and teaches this subject matter in conjunction with sites such as NYC Workshops. Have you been looking all over the place for a web solution that works? Web Design Magician may be able to help you get new customers. The only reason we’re saying maybe is because getting customers consists of having digital tools made for you by WDM but you still need to execute those tools to get results.

“Done for You” Products and Services Per Stamas Bro Aristotle

Interestingly enough, Web Design Magician serves all kinds of clients including organizations, entrepreneurs and performing artists of all kinds (actors, musicians, dancers etc.). That’s why he teaches NYC Workshops designed to help his clients. The goal of WDM is always to get you on the right track with the tools you need. We follow a special hybrid version of the DIY model in conjunction with “Done for You” products and services.

What’s Your Personal Tale?

And to clarify a point, since this is the first post of the Web Design Magician site, we are not just for magicians. We offer a way to get more customers, clients and fans using your story. Why? Because we believe that your story is marketing magic. Ultimately your digital tools for your monthly campaigns are centered on your personal tale.

Mobile Friendly

In a world gone a bit crazy, people are yearning for stability and personal contact. That’s why your story is so important and sites like Stamas Bros succeed. And to ensure that your tale gets out to your prospects, all our tools and websites that we create for you are very mobile friendly.

Attract Prospects

Why mobile focused campaigns? A recent Zenith study shows that 80% of all online activity is done through SmartPhones! That means that if your website doesn’t look great on a phone, chances are you will miss out on business. So make sure your site is responsive and attracting prospects in conjunction with your digital tools.

A La Carte Available

And no one knows “Smartphone Focused” like Web Design Magician. Even though there is no absolute magic bullet (sigh), you can make certain that you are consistent with recognizing the things you must do for success and then do them. Although once we’ve created your website we have various monthly marketing packages available (and hence savings), you also have the option when working with Web Design Magician, to select your digital tools a la carte. This means you only pay for what you need!