Get Out and Vote

Opposite Ends

Web Design Magician is voting tomorrow, are you? Very important to vote just 24 hours or so from now. We are a country divided. Hopefully if we all vote our country will come together more. It is quite strange how there are totally different points of view at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Portraying the Other

Personally I watch both CNN and Fox. Both at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to news and updates. What’s interesting, while at the same time disturbing, is that both “sides” seems to portray the other in a manner that is utilized by both.

Make “V’ Your Mission Tomorrow

They both have similar strategies to discredit the other. Sadly, voting could lead to more issues. Change of some kind is coming soon and we pray that this transformation is a good one for all. Get out and vote!


Get Online Workers

Serving Their Needs

Over the years we’ve worked with and helped a wide variety of kinds of clients including Educators, Hairdressers, Musicians, Nonprofits, Performing Artists, Small Businesses who are just starting up as well as Experienced Small Business Owners. Do you fit in this jigsaw puzzle? What they all had in common was the need for customers, clients and fans.

What’s Your Industry?

And yes, there was a little tweaking needed based on what industry we were assisting our customers with. That is one of the things that we are grateful for in terms of our methodology: with a minimal amount of adjustments it can work for just about any kind of business or individual.

You know Your Business Best

Another thing our customers all have in common is that in one way or another we use the services of online workers to create the work itself that is delivered to our clients. Are we going to reveal our method? Yes, to a certain extent we will. But in the end, the procedure you use needs to be yours because it must fit you well and only you know your needs in terms of working.

Ultimately You Must Create Your Own Blueprint

That said, we have information on how you can best construct your own personal blueprint for working. Of course, if you need additional help for creating your sales and marketing plan, we are always here to help as consultants. Though, this is an incredibly information packed book so you will be more than able to use it to develop your approach.

Focus on the Things that Matter

If you’re reading this look at managing digital workers chances are you’ve heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” That is what this eBook is all about. Lessening the work on your back so you can focus on the things that matter. Another thing that is important to look at is the specific tax ramifications of getting online workers. Better to solve this problem now than further down the line.

Learn to Delegate in the Online World

Right off the bat I think it should be said that we are focused on delegation and management in the world of the web and that many of the techniques listed here will not work live in your office. Though, some of the principles here will also work in the office. If you are reading this, you are likely someone who is seeking out help with working with online workers.

No Time for Fear

The funny thing is that although there are many benefits to using delegation, most owners, entrepreneurs and even artisticpreneurs are slow to reap the benefits. Small organizations face the process of delegation with fear and the last thing they want to do is to set up a system. We believe this is a mistake. In fact, this moment is hopefully the one you change your mind and decide to pursue the creation of your own personal system to delegate effectively and ultimately increase your bottom line. More of this to come but first things first, the question inevitably arises which is “Where are some of the places that you can get online workers?” Please let us know of this interest and we will publish our resource for this. If we get enough responses we will show this list.


Designing the Cover of an eBook

Design is Our Job

You may have heard from other blogs such as this one of Y.E.S.( Yianni Euripides Stamas) talking about the development of an eBook. That is the content aspect. As far as the design of the cover goes, that’s our job.

Trying to Fit it All in

We created a rough draft of the eBook but it was too busy. Apparently we were trying to fit in everything including the kitchen sink.

Less is More

So we went back to the drawing board and came up with something much more simple. We wish we could show it to you but that is not being allowed. So we’ll leave this post with the saying that has never been more true than at the moment: “Less IS more!”


Developing New Mission and Vision

Web Design Magician is proud to be a part of the over 50 websites of the Blog Coalition, and is totally supportive of the process of figuring out the workings of an awards show.

Update on Updates

If you have been following the Platinum PIAs then you know that this popular awards show shut down after a decade of annual success and inspired another awards show to take its place which is soon to be announced. At Web Design Magician we are looking forward to this announcement because many of the accounts we have depend on referrals from the unnamed website that is debuting soon. There was a premier a few months ago but they have ceased from doing updates.

Blog Coalition

Change isn’t easy, and if you’re anything like us then you have a million ideas for every new scenario. Such is the case of the new website coming. We were asked for our opinion just as they did with the rest of the over 50 websites that are participants in the Blog Coalition.

New Mission and Vision

So we are sitting on our hands, resisting calling the mission revamp blog. It isn’t easy. I guess we all want to put in our 2 cents in the development of a new mission and vision.




Role Models

Those of us who grew up not having positive role models need to seek this out somewhere else. Design can be a big one, especially for those of us who design websites. Another important means of bringing positivity into your life can be by collecting quotes that are meaningful to us and therefore can help us remain on the right path in terms of mind, body and spirit. Yianni Stamas on his website today had a good one from Albert Einstein:

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

Words to live by. This is not saying that you shouldn’t pursue doing well in the “physical” world, but I’ve learned over the years that you should keep in focus the things that matter most.


Obsessed or Passionate?


When it comes to art and technology there can be a fine line between being obsessed or merely passionate. You have to be committed to what you are doing and have your imagination full throttle. So what is this state exactly? Being inspired?


It’s kind of crazy what the Blog Coalition is trying to do which is to organize the art of inspiration among a collective of people. This is not always easy, especially since some of the people involved are met online. Who are they really? Who can you trust?

Have Guard Up

All you really have in the end are your instincts. The same part of you who is thorough when it comes to online security, has to assess the situation from that perspective. Initially when someone contacts you, you have to have your guard up because you have a cause and this person may not be alligned with it. What is this? Obsession or passion. You decide.


Despite the Pandemic, “Off Media” Flourishes

Stay Safe

Off Media is a web design company in North Fork, California that is run by Mark Stamas also known as Markos Aristotle Stamatakos. Mark and his team bravely work in the face of COVID-19. Although the photo above shows Mark without a medical mask, he and his digital workers while together practice safety. They do social distance and washing of hands.

Be Passionate

It is interesting to note that Web Design Magician Mark is the brother of the Web Design Magician founder, 3,000 miles away in New York City. The brothers stay in touch often communicating passionately about media and its design and evolution. This passion is not squelched by the existence of the Coronavirus.

Making a Change

In fact the Web Design Magician brothers have a message for Web Design Magicians all across America. Their message to others of the media arts and sciences is to continue to do what they do despite living in a nation that is sometimes driven by fear. The brothers believe that fear can be transformed to passion if one becomes conscious of what dictates their mood and outlook and make a change.


Web Design in a Pandemic

Deadly Disease

In New York City it is a time of fighting to survive. There is only so much food to go around. There are only hard to find slots for delivery. So yes, web design can be sent to the back of the bus. There are more critical things to worry about. Like eating and not catching a deadly disease.

Computers Connecting Us to the World

We were just happy to be happy and not dead. My wife and our 11 year old daughter had been through a lot at this point. And as I type this my wife is in the other room doing her job on her computer and our daughter is in her room engaged with distance learning.

Web Design? What Web Design

As I type this I am grateful we have food in the house and that we are healthy. Many people here in Manhattan, NY are not so lucky. New York City has been hit hard. This is web design in a Pandemic.

Modern Magicians

Magicians and Media

Being a Web Design Magician

Today’s web creator needs to be a “Web Design Magician” which includes being much more than just being a person who can develop pretty designs, but she or he needs to also be able to navigate the worlds of special effects and video such as that found at Video Film Web.


Web Design Magicians also need to understand marketing and how to reach a specific market for the client. Today’s web designer also needs to be able to create responsive designs which means that they are viewable on mobile phones. This also proves to be useful when it comes to eLearning such as the PDF eBooks from USA eLearning. They provide valuable eBooks that can take Web Design Magicians to the next level.


Often web designers bridge that gap between being both technical and creative. They should also have a strong understanding of entrepreneurship and its use.

Magic Performance

We are currently working on an interesting project for a magic performance of all things. Its work in progress title is “Entrepreneurial Magic” and it details the process of both starting a business and then promoting it. All this is done while performing conjuring.

The Modern Day Prestidigitator

Prestidigitators these days need to be able to wear even more hats. being a writer (creating patter), director (directing self), creative (inventing magic tricks), actor (playing the role of magician) and marketer (promoting self).

Magicians and Media

But now the magicians of today need to be even more encompassing in their skills. They need to be able to literally become web design magicians also. This means getting a mastery over media components. This is not only helpful for promoting one’s self, but in the case of magicians, it gives them more of a vantage point to create modern effects that integrate the latest in technology. This also means the ability to publish more eBooks on the topic.


Of course once the legerdemain artist reaches a certain status, she or he can hire people in the various aspects that they prior had, had to do themselves. This is the kind of work that VideoFilmWeb used to do before closing their media creation department.

Popular Magicians

Popular magicians of today include David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Penn & Teller, David Blaine and Derren Brown.

Use Your Story

Introducing Web Design Magician

Get Results

Introducing Web Design Magician, possibly best known as a writer for the Stamas Bros. And instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, Web Design Magician pulls out digital solutions and teaches this subject matter in conjunction with sites such as NYC Workshops. Have you been looking all over the place for a web solution that works? Web Design Magician may be able to help you get new customers. The only reason we’re saying maybe is because getting customers consists of having digital tools made for you by WDM but you still need to execute those tools to get results.

“Done for You” Products and Services Per Stamas Bro Aristotle

Interestingly enough, Web Design Magician serves all kinds of clients including organizations, entrepreneurs and performing artists of all kinds (actors, musicians, dancers etc.). That’s why he teaches NYC Workshops designed to help his clients. The goal of WDM is always to get you on the right track with the tools you need. We follow a special hybrid version of the DIY model in conjunction with “Done for You” products and services.

What’s Your Personal Tale?

And to clarify a point, since this is the first post of the Web Design Magician site, we are not just for magicians. We offer a way to get more customers, clients and fans using your story. Why? Because we believe that your story is marketing magic. Ultimately your digital tools for your monthly campaigns are centered on your personal tale.

Mobile Friendly

In a world gone a bit crazy, people are yearning for stability and personal contact. That’s why your story is so important and sites like Stamas Bros succeed. And to ensure that your tale gets out to your prospects, all our tools and websites that we create for you are very mobile friendly.

Attract Prospects

Why mobile focused campaigns? A recent Zenith study shows that 80% of all online activity is done through SmartPhones! That means that if your website doesn’t look great on a phone, chances are you will miss out on business. So make sure your site is responsive and attracting prospects in conjunction with your digital tools.

A La Carte Available

And no one knows “Smartphone Focused” like Web Design Magician. Even though there is no absolute magic bullet (sigh), you can make certain that you are consistent with recognizing the things you must do for success and then do them. Although once we’ve created your website we have various monthly marketing packages available (and hence savings), you also have the option when working with Web Design Magician, to select your digital tools a la carte. This means you only pay for what you need!