Controversy in the Clubhouse

“Pick a Card, Any Card,” Describes How Web Design Magician is Feeling, as if it Does not Matter what Card You Select for Your Conjuring Marketing

Web Design Magician Feels Like He is Just Another Card to be Chosen from the Deck

Web Design Magician Wonders if What MagicPrenrur Stated was Really Necessary

It was clear that Web Design Magician was unhappy, even hurt, about the recent post on the MagicPreneur website regarding their opinion that magicians don’t need the help of a “web design magician” to create and maintain their websites because they can create them themselves, using a website builder app.

Web Design Magician had this response:

“I am proud of my abilities as a professional website design magician, something that has taken years for me to achieve. And although I agree that there are a lot of website builder apps out there that are decent, as well as conjurers who use them and seem to get a fairly good result, I still believe, despite what MagicPrenrur said on Friday, was uncalled for.”

“To Show His Commitment to the Magic Community He Created the Following Publicity and Promotion Tips and Hopes You and Other Magic Entertainers Enjoy Them!”

Publicity is often sought by others. People write not only entire books, but even a series of them for topics like publicity online. Because of online marketing, the rules have changed. It is those with the popular digital assets that win when it comes to the internet.

Mission – First, Last and In-between

There is something that nonprofits know that for-profits could learn from, and that is

“It’s all about the mission.”

Mission, Vision and You

Mission and Vision statements are the guiding principles when it comes to those whose ongoing activities spur from what they can do that is in accordance with the through line that they have designated in their overview concepts.

Web Design Magician is Making Not Just a website, but a Guidance Plan

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to ignite their marketing efforts, there are endless opportunities to be had to be in the public’s eye with your entertainment business.

Put Together a Campaign

Doing a “Marketing Campaign” is something that is talked about frequently without some performers really understanding what it is. A campaign in a broad strokes’ definition is that it is a collection of a bunch of ideas and their respective strategies that relate back to a central concept and goal that is usually income based.