Your website is a tool…

Web Design Magician

The name of this site is “Web Design Magician,” and one might think that all we deal with here is the magic of web design. At times admittedly we do, but we are often much more likely to move toward creating material that focuses on instead, selling points that can be utilized to convert someone from being a browser of your site online, then turns into a customer, or at least someone who signs up for your newsletter.

You Can Buy Time with Emails

This brings up a good point with is that you do not have to nail a sale right away. In fact, much of the time you do not. It is said by many in the marketing world that the newsletter subscription is a way that you can get someone who is on the fence, to at least commit to reading your emails weekly.

The Strategy

The strategy thinking behind this is that over a period, they see enough in the benefits and features of your products, as well as trust you more and therefore jump into the deep and makes a purchase. It does happen on occasion.

The Difference Between “Start to Get” and “Fully Get”

The point being made is that all good things take time. Anyway, when it comes to online sales for which you do not have to purchase expensive ads that do not necessarily work anyway.

Third Parties

Start to get and put into motion your own profitable online business marketing and selling eBooks you write yourself which means your books are not available anywhere else except for your sales platform and any third parties with whom you might or might not partner with.

Reaching the Point of Being Active in Your Business

Before diving in, it is important to understand the difference between “Start to Get” versus “Fully Get.” Start to get means get things rolling so you can finally start your new business or work through and find out if there is hope for your current one. Whereas “Fully Get” your business means your business is active.

Jump Right In

Or to put it another way, think of “Start to Get” is a low-risk way to evaluate your business before sinking in any kind of investment or business type action. Whereas “Fully Get” is when you finished the experimental phase and believe it is a solid idea, so you jump right in to “Fully Get.”

Why Write Your Own Stuff When It Would be Easier and Less Hassle to Sell Someone Else’s?

Look, there is no question that it is easier to sell someone else’s online books because writing books that teach and are educational on a topic, is going to accept much of your time. Whereas if you decide to sell someone else’s work, you do not have to hassle through the creating process.

Is Reality Actually Reality?

That said, if you are someone who wants to build both yourself and your business together as a brand, being the author of what you sell, gives reason for promoting your brand. People are fascinated by the creative process as the reality show genre has shown.

The Approach

And when you write your own products, a part of how you can market your brand, is by leveraging for promotional purposes, the behind-the-scenes of your own process. Thereby revealing the behind the scenes of your creative process. This approach has been helpful with a past businesses.